Are you the best all-rounder in Bloem?

Come compete during the December Holiday period in the exciting Sport Challenge. Compete in Table Tennis, Badminton, Squash, Tennis, Golf, Darts and Pool.

Great prizes to be won and it is a lot of fun!

Presented by The Edge Group and hosted at Fichardtpark Sports club.

the when

During the period of 5 December to 23 December, Mondays to Fridays (plus 2 January) the preliminaries will take place. You can either enter on your own, with a friend or two, or as a group of friends of four (are you the best of your group of friends?)  All preliminaries will be contested in groups of four. The winner of a group then qualifies for the finals during the week of 3 to 6 January. The three losers in the group can re-enter during the qualifying period to re-attempt to qualify for the finals. The ultimate finals will be on the 6th of January.

the how

A group of four participants will on a round robin basis, compete against each other in the 7 sports and each sport will be played to 11 points in preliminaries and 21 points in the finals. Each individual sport’s points will accumulate towards a grand total and the competitor with the most points at the end of the seven sports, will be declared a winner and qualify for the finals. One match official will accompany the group to ensure fair play and act as the referee. Equipment like rackets and balls will be provided, but competitors are welcome to bring their own. It will take approximately four hours to complete the round. At present the categories will be Male, Female, Scholars, under 30’s & Seniors but depends on entries.

the cost

The entry fee is R200 per competitor, but if a group of four book as a group, the fee will reduce to R600 for the group. Food and beverages will be available at the venue. Each entry also gets a free entry into the ultimate sports challenge, ultimate brain challenge and fitness challenge for those who want to take it on – a unique competition set. Apart from the bragging rights with your friends, that you are the best sportsperson in your group, there will be fun prizes, prizes for the Ultimate challenges and grand prizes for the main event winners.

interested or want more info?

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