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Our philosophy

The Edge Group has a passion for life and the opportunities it presents. We have an obsession to develop individuals, groups, teams and companies to reach their full potential of talents.

Irrespective of what we do or how we serve our clients, or even what project we drive, the principle of excellence is our driving force. Each product we offer will have this dynamo driving the outcomes.

Our knowledge, skills and experience are available to everybody that has the desire to develop his/her undoubted talent.

We focus on specific fields in which we offer various products, but ultimately we believe that the principle of excellence is the same in all spheres of life. It is definitely possible to install this into every field and person.

We want to exploit life and maximize every opportunity and we believe excellence is the catalyst to achieve one’s ultimate best.

what we do

It is not what you do, but how you do it, that ensures growth and results. Therefore the ultimate responsibility rests with every individual.
In all our products, we create the infrastructure and value chain to equip our customers to achieve their desired goals of excellence. The tools we use to facilitate this are numerous and highly adaptable.

Our products are not standardized and are constantly in a state of flux. This, on the one hand, enables us to adapt to our customers’ needs, but, on the other hand, enables us to grow ourselves.

Although our product range appears varied, all of it does connect in some way or another to ensure not once-off interventions, but long-lasting sustainable results and habit-forming behaviour. If we can successfully instill a new culture of excellence into an individual, group or business, we will regard ourselves as having achieved our business goals.

Who we are

Johan Kleingeld is the driving force of the Edge Group. For non-Afrikaans speakers it might be interesting to point out that Johan’s surname ‘Kleingeld’ translates to ‘change’ in English, in the sense of change you receive when buying at a shop. This has become a nickname, but Johan also sees it as a convenient coincidence that ‘change’ also has the meaning of changing one’s life, circumstances, business etc. The Edge Group drives change in that sense amongst their customers.

Each product has a description of the skill, knowledge and experience one can expect from the product, with special focus on results and noticeable effects. Results that can be measured are a non-negotiable principle within the Edge Group and its products. If you cannot measure something, you cannot manage or direct it.

Each project is customized and therefore the teams driving a project or product will differ. The Edge Group makes use of contractors with the appropriate skills and knowledge for each project to ensure quality outcomes.

The Edge Group started in 2002 and through the years has moved through various phases and undergone transitions, but ultimately the skill, knowledge and experience that have been acquired are available to those who want to drive Excellence in their own lives, business, sport, the effectiveness of their employees and beyond.

Where do we do it

We are based in Bloemfontein in South Africa’s Free State Province, but we are truly international. We can drive projects globally and with the Internet as our tool we can deliver value anywhere in the world.

In terms of hands-on projects, we have covered Southern Africa and there is barely a city or town in South Africa we have not visited in the past.

Through the years, Johan has visited close to 40 countries on all the continents, except Antarctica, and this provides him with a wide frame of reference that translates into a competitive advantage for his customers.


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  • The Speech
  • The Training Academy
  • The Badminton Academy
  • The Centre of Excellence


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Companies we work with, endorse or appreciate their work

  • SATSA (South African Transplant Sport Association)
  • ODF (Organ Donor Foundation)
  • WTG (World Transplant Games Federation)
  • BWF (Badminton World Federation)
  • BFS (Badminton Free State)
  • Peritum Agri Institute
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