Most people are inclined to think that they can achieve more. Everybody has a deep-rooted desire to achieve Excellence in his/her life and fields of choice. Excellence is something that can only be described as a uniquely beautiful piece of art. The challenge of searching for excellence in our lives is what makes us human.

The speaker accompanies you on his journey from being a baby born with a debilitating disease that affected his legs and feet and eventually his kidneys, to becoming an international sportsman and an Olympic coach. The journey, however, doesn’t stop there. When acute chronic kidney failure claimed his kidneys, he had to undergo a kidney transplant to save his life and became a World Champion!

This journey has equipped him with knowledge and skills and a passion to impart the principles which unlock excellence to other people who are starving to be excellent themselves. National and International companies have already benefited from his expertise. After thirty years of being involved with numerous talented people in various fields and industries, he is in the best possible position to install these principles into his audience.

The speaker identifies all the challenges and principles that are prerequisites for and relevant to any endeavor towards excellence. Therefore, if you desire to excel in business, entrepreneurship, sport, coaching or even in relationships, these sessions are for you.

The speaker has numerous national and international titles and captained the South African Badminton team to be the best on the continent. He has coached numerous international champions and attended the Beijing Olympics. He has trained top Multinational Companies in business development and is a motivational speaker in high demand.

He has delivered keynote addresses to groups of hundreds and even schools of more than a thousand learners, as well as to groups as small as seven or eight, but the message and passion stay the same.


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  • We drive activation of skills and knowledge. We use various tools for this - the five senses, sport, music or even art - as catalysts for growth
  • We genuinely do it uniquely different
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