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Do YOU have this feeling that you have so much more within you?
Do YOU wish to achieve extraordinary goals?
Do YOU yearn to get the most from your life?
Is there a burning desire in YOU to develop all your talents?
Do YOU strive for Excellence?

It is part of who we are as humans to have these desires in our hearts.  Everybody has the urge to make the most of his/her talents and potential.  Life is full of opportunities and has so much to offer.  

Why then are most people so frustrated with life?  Mostly because we hardly manage to get a fraction done compared to the vast potential we have. If all of us have the internal desire to develop our talents and potential, why are the results so mediocre?  What are the obstacles in our way to Excellence?  What are the keys to unlock Excellence?  

This book is an invitation to investigate the obstacles in your way to Excellence, as well as how to deal with these obstacles to ensure you stay on course towards such Excellence.   

It also offers keys to develop your undoubted talents and potential.  More importantly, it will stimulate you to put your knowledge, passion and skills into action to achieve Excellence.  

Follow the author on his journey. He was born with Spina Bifida. As a toddler he underwent numerous successful operations, just to be plagued with a life-threatening kidney disease in his early childhood.  On this journey there were many childhood challenges, but he nevertheless became an International Sports star and one of the best Badminton players South Africa has ever produced.

All these experiences enabled him to create a model to implement in business and personal growth and train National and International Companies towards Excellence.  These principles also developed him to become an international coach which culminated at the Olympic Games.  

His journey took another detour when he was diagnosed with life-altering kidney failure that needed dialysis and eventually a transplant to save his life. This was just another opportunity to ensure excellence.  He recovered completely to become a multiple World Champion in two sporting codes.    

You are invited to join his journey to uncover the principles of Excellence and then to use them on your own journey towards Excellence.

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This book offers the reader plenty of instructions and principles to implement.  Always remember to consider the source when you are contemplating advice because it has the potential to affect you in the long run.

The strength of the instructions and principles in this book which you need to consider is built on that simple but very important word - RESULTS.  This book will not request anything from you that the author has not implemented, done, and tested himself. 

The challenges described in this book are offered as the measurable departure point from where to assess the growth curve of the author and by extension the power of these principles.

Below is a list of major RESULTS achieved, predominantly as a measuring tool for you, the reader, to understand that the instructions and principles are true in terms of the power to drive you towards your own Excellence.

Sporting Career Highlights
  • 18 times South African Badminton Champion (third most ever)
  • Played International Badminton for South Africa for 13 years (1993 – 2005)
  • Highest World-ranked South African singles player ever until overtaken only in 2014
  • 6 African Gold medals and 6 Silver medals
  • Won nume​​rous international titles
  • Free State Province Sports person of the year in 1996
  • Attended two World Championships and two Commonwealth Games
  • World Champion at World Transplant Games in 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019
Sporting Coaching Career Highlights
  • National Badminton coach (2006 – 2008)
  • National Badminton Junior coach (2005 – 2008)
  • Qualified and accompanied 5 players to the 2008 Beijing Olympics
  • South African Junior and Senior teams crowned African Champions
  • Edge Badminton Academy (2010 – present) Players in Edge Academy have dominated the South African Badminton scene and produced various International Champions

Business Career Highlights
  • Owner of the Edge Group since 2002
  • Serviced various National State Departments
  • Serviced numerous Multi-National Companies in various industries and sectors
  • Created own training material, courses and instruments
  • Motivational speaker and business coach

View from a journalist

Hendrik Cronje

Journalist and friend: Specialized Rugby writer for the national Rapport Newspaper

I met Johan for the first time way back in 1983 when we were both scholars at Grey Primary School in Bloemfontein.  
My introduction to him was in a touch Rugby game during one of our breaks. I heard some of my classmates talking about this kid tackling in a touch Rugby game and I wanted to see it for myself.

Although it is not unusual for someone to dive on a grass pitch, I found it astonishing to see Johan not being afraid to throw his body around on a gravel pitch between the main cricket field and the hall of the Primary School. That was the first time I saw his competitive nature.  

Later on during Primary School we played cricket together and even won Grey's double-wicket tournament.

I followed Johan's sporting career with great interest during High School.  As a sports journalist at the local newspaper Bloemnews and the Afrikaans daily newspaper Volksblad, I had the privilege to report on Johan's achievements as a Badminton player.

In my career as a sports journalist I was fortunate enough to travel the world to report on some of the best rugby players, tennis players, swimmers, soccer players and cricket players around the globe. I rate Johan, without any doubt, as one of the top five most competitive sports people I have ever reported on and met in my whole life.

You will have difficulty in finding a better example than Johan to showcase true determination, discipline, a fighting spirit, a positive attitude and sportsmanship.
What he has achieved after many operations is remarkable. He defeated all the odds. The harder life hit him, the quicker he would get up and rise to the top again. I have never ever heard him use his disabilities as an excuse.  I have no doubt in my mind that if it were not for his disabilities, he would have won a gold medal at the Olympic Games.

He is an even better human being with strong values in life.   

Johan, I respectfully salute you.

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